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Abby Lynn McCartney reviewed Lazy Day Persians and Himalayans — 5 star

June 16, 2017

Dena has been absolutely fantastic to work with. I am new to the world of Persian cats and, along with doing a wealth of information on my own, Dena has been there to support me through this journey. I have 2 of Lazy Day's beautiful white males and I would not change a thing. They are in the best of health and, being hand raised as newborns, they are very outgoing with goofy personalities. My first, Charlie, is my registered emotional support animal. This breed makes the perfect companion and Dena raises the best of the best. I can't say enough about Dena and Lazy Day. Her babies have made my life so rich. Dena's process is one to trust - she knows her stuff and keeps the babies until they are good and ready. This is the epitome of responsible breeding. Thank you Dena for bringing us together!

 Nancy McGee Walker reviewed Lazy Day Persians and Himalayans — 5 star

May 28, 2017

I can't say enough good things about Dena and her Cattery. Earlier this week I got my second Persian, first from Dena, it was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. She keeps in contact with you throughout the process, answering any questions, post pictures and videos regularly of your kitten on Facebook, send additional ones through messenger. You know that she loves her kittens and they get the best of care. I received a sweet, social, adorable little girl.

Kristen Oliva reviewed Lazy Day Persians and Himalayans — 5 star

June 8, 2017

Dena's kittens are AMAZING!!! I have purchased two different kittens from her on separate occasions and they are both sweet, loving and social cats. It was such a surprise to see the difference between Dena’s cats and others. I have never seen such great care given to kittens until her. They are well litter trained have no problem getting bathed and are extremely cuddly and show our family tons of affection. I would highly recommend Lazy Day Persians and Himalayans to anyone looking to add a sweet and loving kitten to their family. Hands down the BEST!!!!!

Jamiejoanne Thompson reviewed Lazy Day Persians and Himalayans— 5 star

June 8, 2017

Exceptional. So happy that I found Dena and her kitties. It is difficult to find a breeder that is honest and truly has her cats best interest at heart. Last weekend we were able to meet our two little boys. They are healthy, happy and so very loving and sweet. Dena kept us in the loop about their progress during the entire process. We had the kitties shipped and great care was taken on her end of the transport process so that they experienced as little stress as possible. I truly couldn't be happier.

Leigh Van Dam Niven reviewed Lazy Day Persians and Himalayans — 5 star

June 8, 2017 

So happy I found Dena. She was a pleasure to work with and did an awesome job keeping us updated on our kitten photos and messages. Our kitten has the best disposition and transitioned into our home seamlessly. 

Stephanie Oakley reviewed Lazy Day Persians and Himalayans — 5 star

June 15, 2016 · 

I came across this breeder in search of a kitten for my mom. After seeing how beautiful her kittens were and what good care and love they receive I couldn't help but getting a kitten myself as well. Now me and my mom have a brother and sister from one of her litters and we couldn't be happier. They are healthy loving and beautiful kittens and I couldn't be more thankful to the breeder. She answered every question I had gave both of us advice and even drove half way to meet us to pick them up. She was amazing, trusting and just a joy to work with. We couldn't be happier. Thank you lazy day Persians and Himalayans!!

Holly Raper reviewed Lazy Day Persians and Himalayans — 5 star

June 15, 2016 

After weeks and weeks of searching for a Persian breeder, I came across Lazy Day Persians and Himalayans. I feel so incredibly blessed that I happened to stumble upon their Facebook page. Dena was so patient and answered all of our questions and even sent us photos of our Pancake to ensure she was the real deal. Dena and her family went the extra mile and drove Pancake all the way to Chicago from Missouri. It was obvious from the second we took Pancake home that he was showered with love and tender care. Pancake is without a doubt the most beautiful Persian I have ever had and he also has the most amazing and sweet personality, which could only be a result of his affectionate upbringing. Dena is the BEST and so sweet. She really cares about her animals and after 8 months, she still loves to check in on him. We can't thank Dena and her family enough for bringing us our Pancake. We are so incredibly happy and I know anyone who purchases a kitten from her will be too! :)
Marilee Wall reviewed Lazy Day Persians and Himalayans — 5 star

June 20, 2016 

Our kitten Anabelle is ten months today. I say she is heaven sent! Not only is she healthy and very pretty, but well litter trained, good for me when I clean her face and groom her every morning, and even understands the word “no”. Dena described her personality to me before I purchased her and she was right on! I believe our kitten had a wonderful start with Dena growing up underfoot in her loving home. I have enjoyed keeping in touch with Dena as she adores hearing about all her little babies! I don’t know how she can give them up sometimes. I highly recommend Lazy Day Persians and Himalayans!
P.S. I posted a few pictures on Instagram – anabelle.purr.sian
Anabelle is white with a few blue markings on her head

Sherry Shamel reviewed Lazy Day Persians and Himalayans — 5 star

June 16, 2016 · 

After having a bad experience of buying kittens off the internet I was hesitant to do so again. I basically handed over thousand + dollars to bring home two feral kittens that was scared of us and would have nothing to do with us. It was hard work just to try to gain their trust just to pet them. I had difficulty finding a local breeder. I stumbled on to Lazy Days website and contacted them since they had just had a litter born. I had just lost one of my kitties and was yearning for a lap kitty that would just let me love on her. We got Lucy two weekends ago. And she immediately took to my husband and me like we had always been her humans. . She loved us and slept in our laps and purred when we picked her up. Dena did a wonderful job teaching her to trust and love humans. I go to sleep listening to her purr and I wake up to her kisses.. She is a 6 ..... 6 o'clock AM. And won't let me go back go to sleep. But she is a 10 in LOVE. ❤️. We love her so much. She has brought joy into our home.
Susana Pilamunga de Barreiro reviewed Lazy Day Persians and Himalayans — 5 star

September 11, 2015 · 

I Highly Recommend Dena and her Furr Babies, She is very caring with her kittens and a wonderful Breeder/Friend to me!
Yvonne Lepszy Gerecke reviewed Lazy Day Persians and Himalayans — 5 star

July 29, 2016 · 

Our kitten is the sweetest and smartest little kitten we have ever had.
We love her so much!!
Thanks for being such a wonderful breeder😄
Beverly Atkinson reviewed Lazy Day Persians and Himalayans — 5 star

July 2, 2016
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Vickie Allen Beavers reviewed Lazy Day Persians and Himalayans — 5 star

August 14, 2017

Dena is a 5+++. I've worked with her for almost 2 years for the perfect match for me. She always kept me informed of what was available until I found "the one". She posted timely pics on her page of Ludie and also sent me several via messenger. We both traveled 8 hours to deliver and pick her up. And Ludie is EXACTLY what Dena had said she is and will be. I'm not one to buy anything sight unseen but I wouldn't hesitate a bit to buy another fur buddy..highly recommend