Lazy Day Persians & Himalayans

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This is the part I dread about breeding cats.  I hate to part with them.  As a matter of fact, it kind of breaks my heart to have to part with any of my pets.  However, I have to do what is best for them, and all of our cats.  

These two girls do not play well with others.   One minute they will get along ok, the next they are chasing and beating up another cat.  If it was just once in awhile, it  would not be a problem.  When they act like this they have to be separated from the rest of the cats.  It isn't fair to them, but it isn't fair to the other cats to get beat up on all of the time.

Now when it comes to human's, these girls are great.  They love us and are as gentle as you can expect a cat to be :).   I think the time has come for me to find them a home where they will be the only pet and they will thrive with all of the one on one attention that they could ever desire.