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Please note that we reserve the right to refund a deposit, or refuse the sale of a kitten to anyone, at anytime, if we do not feel that our kittens will be going to a safe environment.  We spend every day with these kittens from the time they are born, raising them, loving them, and getting them ready for their new homes.  The last thing we want is for any kitten to go to a home where they will be injured or neglected.  We also do not want them passed around from home to home because not enough thought was put into the commitment that  taking care of a cat actually means. 

Please do your research before inquiring on this breed, if need be, or getting any  kitten or cat. There are definite rewards to owning a cat, but sometimes there isn't a lot of thought put into what is going to happen once you get that kitten home. Sometimes we only see the cute kitten, not what the kitten will grow to be. They need regular brushing, some need daily (sometimes twice) eye cleaning. They do shed and you will have fur all over your home (and clothing), even with your best attempts to keep that under control. They take time to adjust and to get along with your other pets. How about the smelly cat box that needs regular cleaning? What will you do about your leather furniture? Can you afford vet visits?  Can you guarantee that your children will treat it right?  Are your children allergic?  In order to receive our health guarantee you must keep your kitten under a vet's care. We do everything that we can to ensure that your kitten is healthy when it leaves our home. It will be your job to maintain that health.  

*AVAILABLE*  Female Patched Tabby Persian  $750
Lazy Day Persians & Himalayans
Lazy Day Persians & Himalayans
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